Modern color guard uses flags, sabers, mock rifles, and other equipment combined with choreographed dance,  interpretive movement, and gymnastics while performing routines set to music.  During the fall, members of the Color Guard team perform and compete along with the MC Marching Band at football games, field show tournaments, and parades.  The guard provides visual interest and “color” to the band’s performances.

After the marching season concludes, the Winter Guard team performs throughout San Diego and Southern CA in Guard-only competitions.  Winter Guard is conducted indoors in an indoor arena.  Choreographed routines are performed to music.

Students interested in joining the Mt. Carmel Color Guard team should contact Band Director Martin Fierro or Color Guard Advisor Chance Webb. Participation in Guard will earn you P.E. credit first trimester.

Parent Support:

Involves supervision of the team during performances and tournaments which include assistance with costumes, hair, makeup, equipment, props, water/snacks, and escorting to/from the venue.

Camp/Practice Carpool
Provide transportation help for team members to/from day camps/practice to assist parents who have transportation limitations due to work schedules. This is INFORMAL and intended to help accommodate the parents of non-drivers.

Event Carpool
Provide transportation for team members to distant performances when buses are not provided. This is especially important during the Winter Guard season since we may have 2-3 competitions that are out of the San Diego region. If you are interested in being a driver for the team, it is required to fill out and submit the “Private Vehicle Transportation for Students for and Level I “Megan’s Law” clearance form. These forms will be available upon request.

Flags/ Sewing/ Arts & Crafts: YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEW TO HELP
Involves simple construction (cutting, pinning, ironing) and sewing of flags or other necessary props, supplying of sewing machines, and other needed implements (irons, scissors, etc.). Usually done during Wednesday night practices or on a take-home basis.

Involves painting, simple construction, and/or procurement of show-based props as identified by the band director or coach. If you specialize in a specific trade or possess woodworking, metal, and/or fabrication skills, this would be a BIG help.

In order to alleviate the costs of competitions (especially if the team qualifies for Winter Guard International World Championships), uniforms, or new equipment, fundraising is a vital key to our team. Because our team is extremely busy with practices and tournaments/competitions, the planning and coordination of any type of fundraising event are crucial. This will involve coming up with fundraising ideas, contacts, organizing, and managing team fundraising activities. Parental involvement is HIGHLY encouraged.

Assist with pre-event makeup and hairstyling. Need will be based on the complexity of the show’s hair and makeup design.

Involves initial field show and parade costume fittings and distribution, costume monitoring, and coordination of cleaning and repairs.

Provide meals and water to students on certain event days. Meals are planned and prepared in advance and transported to the event site. The meals are served to students in a specified staging area during the event. Note that all parents will be asked to donate food/water/snacks at specified times during both the marching and winter guard seasons.

If you would like to be a Guard Parent please click here