Modern color guard uses flags, sabers, mock rifles, and other equipment combined with choreographed dance,  interpretive movement, and gymnastics while performing routines set to music.  During the fall, members of the Color Guard team perform and compete along with the MC Marching Band at football games, field show tournaments, and parades.  The guard provides visual interest and “color” to the band’s performances.

After the marching season concludes, the Winter Guard team performs throughout San Diego and Southern CA in Guard-only competitions.  Winter Guard is conducted indoors in an indoor arena.  Choreographed routines are performed to music.

The Mt. Carmel Color Guard has won several Winter Guard awards:

Students interested in joining the Mt. Carmel Color Guard team should contact Band Director Martin Fierro or Color Guard Advisor Chance Webb. Participation in Guard will earn you P.E. credit first trimester

The videos below showcase the past 8 years of Winter Guard performances.